Create HTML Buttons as Links: Easy and Accessible Guide

HTML, the backbone of web design, offers various ways to enhance user experience. A common task is creating a button that acts like a link, directing users to different pages or resources. This article explores how to achieve this in HTML, ensuring accessibility and efficiency.

HTML buttons and links serve different purposes but can be combined for a seamless user experience. A button, traditionally used for form submission or triggering JavaScript actions, and a link, used for navigation, can be merged to create a navigational button.

The Basics of HTML Buttons

An HTML button is defined with the <button> tag. It’s flexible, allowing both text and images, making it a popular choice for interactive elements.

Links, created with the <a> tag, are the cornerstone of web navigation. They can be styled extensively with CSS, appearing in various forms, including as buttons.

The main query revolves around creating a button in HTML that functions like a link. Let’s dive into methods to achieve this.

Method 1: Using Form Action

The straightforward method involves wrapping a button in a <form> tag, using the action attribute to specify the destination URL.


<form action="">
    <button type="submit">Visit</button>

Another method is to style a regular link to look like a button, offering more styling flexibility.


<a href="" class="styled-button">Visit</a>
.styled-button {
    appearance: button;
    text-decoration: none;
    color: black;

Method 3: Using JavaScript

For dynamic applications, JavaScript can turn a button into a link by changing window.location.href.


<button onclick="window.location.href='';">Visit</button>

Accessibility Considerations

While implementing these methods, ensure the button is accessible, providing adequate contrast, focus indicators, and ARIA roles if necessary.


What is a button as link in HTML?

A button as link in HTML is an element that looks like a button but navigates like a link when clicked.

How to create a hyperlink button in HTML?

To create a hyperlink button in HTML, style an <a> tag with CSS to resemble a button.

Can I add a href attribute to a button in HTML?

No, the href attribute is not valid for <button> in HTML. Use a form or JavaScript for redirection.

How do I link a HTML button to another webpage?

Use JavaScript onclick event or enclose the button in a form with the desired URL in the action attribute.

What are the advantages of using a button as a link?

Using a button as a link combines the visual appeal of a button with the navigational functionality of a link.


In conclusion, integrating a button as a link in HTML is a versatile technique that enhances user navigation and interface design. Whether through simple HTML forms, CSS styling, or JavaScript, each method offers unique advantages and can be chosen based on the specific needs of your website. Remembering accessibility and user experience in your design will ensure that your website is not only functional but also inclusive, catering to a wider audience. With these easy-to-implement methods, you can create engaging and effective web pages that seamlessly guide users through your digital landscape.

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